Visiting greenland

Visiting greenland


What to do in Greenland – Our Experience Visiting Greenland

Visiting Greenlandic communities gives you an opportunity to discover what it might really be like to live in the Far North.

Copenhagen Denmark

Visiting Greenland, Sermiligaaq village, Ammassalik area

Going to Greenland and witnessing the magnitude of glacial retreat first hand showed Enric Sala, National Geographic Society Explorer-in-Residence, ...

How to get to Greenland

Aasiaat colorful houses. Photo by Magssannguaq Qujaukitsoq.

But now the remarkable geology of Greenland is becoming even more accessible to visitors, and in a way that gives them real experiences with Greenlanders ...

Tasiilaq, Гренландия // Tasiilaq, Grenland Nuuk Greenland, Greenland Travel, Greenland City

When to go to Greenland

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A day trip to Kulusuk, Greenland, from Reykjavik, Iceland, is an eye-opening experience.

Hike to the old settlement Sermermiut in Greenland

Tips For Visiting Greenland. Tips

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Visiting Greenland on Business

Dog sledding in the north east of Greenland. Photo by Magnus Elander

Visiting Greenland | by lykkefriis Visiting Greenland | by lykkefriis

About 80 per cent of Greenland is covered by an ice sheet which in parts is more than three metres thick. But it is losing more ice every year than is ...

Visiting Greenland, crossing of the Ammassalik island

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Boattour on Ilulissat Icefiord in Greenland Photo: Visit Greenland

Tasiilaq - East Greenland

11:54 AM - 30 May 2017

Visiting Greenland is like visiting the moon. Mindy Cambiar

Amanda and Dad hiking in Ilulissat

A summer view over parts of Tasiilaq in East Greenland. By Mads Pihl


A quick guide to visiting Greenland, and why you should!! Click through to read more!

Many tourists take a whale watching tour when visiting Greenland.

Northern Lights in Greenland - Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland

view more traveller's photos. Ilulissat Greenland location map

Sunset on the Ilulissat Icefjord

Hurtigruten's MS Fram in the Uummannaq bay in Greenland

A quick guide to visiting Greenland, and why you should!! Click through to read more!

Visiting Greenland

Eqi Glacier in Greenland Photo: Visit Greenland

Visit Greenland Uses Social Media to Attract Visitors with Stunning Photos

Hiking the Arctic Circle Trail

10 Cool Things to Do in Nuuk, Greenland

Polar Bear in Nanortalik

Visiting Greenland's Ice Cap - Albatros Arctic Circle

Greenland view from Cruise Ship

Travel journalist Peter Greenberg visiting Greenland - Stock Image

Amazing 4 Days | Ilulissat | Disko Bay

What visiting Greenland taught me about climate change

NUUK - Travel in Nuuk, Greenland

Traditional drum dance in Kulusuk, Greenland.

Big Arctic 5: What to See & Do in Greenland - Adventure Travel, Cultural Travel, Dog Sledding, Greenland, Whale Watching - Page 5

Danish heritage in Greenland

Zions church in Ilulissat in Greenland Foto: Visit Greenland

visiting greenland

Northern Lights in Greenland - Mads Pihl - Visit Greenland 4

Nuuk - Greenland's Capital

Ilulissat Greenland

We stopped along the way to see the cemetery, an important part of the Innuits village. The village was compact and surrounded the harbour which was still ...


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Snowshoeing along the Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland

Visiting Greenland, Kulusuk

or Europe - to Greenland!

Nuuk, Greenland - part of the old town situated next to the giantic fiord.

Trecking around Iceland - 12, Visiting Greenland, most impressed of the trip.

We fly 3 hours from Reykjavik, Iceland to Narsarsuaq, Greenland. A perfect opportunity to experience Iceland before or after visiting Greenland.

On this ultimate tour of Greenland visit 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus 10 towns and settlements during the 1,200 km long coastal voyage.

View of Ilulissat from Hotel Arctic

The Northern Lights in Greenland: All You Need to Know ⋆ Space Tourism Guide

We were giddy and ecstatic to be visiting this remote corner of the world that most

Kayakers get a close look at an iceberg in Greenland.


Ilulissat in Greenland

However, I completely recommend the day trip to Kulusuk. You get a great feel for Greenland, the people and their everyday lives.


Ilulissat harbour

Ilulissat Ice-fjord

Antarctic Peninsula

Greenland Break

Travel safely to Greenland with Passport Health's travel vaccinations and advice.

Isolation is the only companion at Swiss Camp.

Visiting Greenland, Ikateq, Bluie East 2

On this ultimate tour of Greenland visit 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites plus 10 towns and settlements during the 1,200 km long coastal voyage.

Destination Greenland

... to visit the amazing and picturesque fjords of Greenland as well as experiencing the delights of Iceland. Cruise back into Belfast for your convenience.

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Ambassadors visiting #Greenland,meeting @GreenlandDFA, @Naalakkersuisut, #DK High Commissioner,


Icebergs near Eqi Glacier

Sondrestrom Upper Atmospheric Research Facility Hundesø Greenland